New Forest LoCATE project

Dear MHS members.

The New Forest National Parks community archaeologist is offering local history groups the opportunity to receive training in the use of some equipment which could help in geophysical survey projects. At this point in time we have no planned Geophysical surveys in the Milton area. However, after training we may have a better understanding of the potential that the equipment offers. The last large scale archaeological dig in Milton that I am aware of was by Mrs Gill Hurst in 1956 in the Moat Lane area.

Would anyone be interested in this training? If so please can you get in touch with me. I will collate names and pass them on to the NFNP.


Nick Saunders
Milton Heritage Society.



Dear Local Group,

We would like to offer you the opportunity for some free geophysical training and access to geophysical equipment as part of the New Forest LoCATE project.

LoCATE (Local Community Archaeological Training and Equipment) is a partnership between archaeologists at Bournemouth University and the New Forest National Park Authority, to provide training on the use of, and access to geophysical survey equipment. The current equipment that is freely available for groups to book out and use in their own time is a FM36 Magnetometer and a RM15 Resistivity meter. These have been supplied and maintained by Bournemouth University who also provide free training for interested users. The goal is to enable an even greater contribution to the understanding of the rich archaeological heritage of our region. We are also about to add a total station to the LoCATE equipment pool (more on this in the near future).

The equipment is made freely available to local groups (booked out online and then collect from NFNPA HQ in Lymington) to use on their own projects and in their own time once they have attended one of the free training sessions run by Bournemouth University. The next training day will be on Friday 2nd of March in Lyndhurst.

You can find out more about the LoCATE project here: or see some of the results and activities of various groups on the LoCATE Facebook page:

Please let me know if some of your group may be interested in attending and I will send over some more details, please also know if you have already been on the training, but might want to partake in a little refresher session.

Best wishes,

James Brown
Community Archaeologist

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